Whether you’re a single owner-operator, a fledgling firm looking to grow, or an established company with a hundred trucks in your fleet, Denman & Company has the experience to help you navigate your industry’s unique and complex accounting and tax issues.

We’re as driven as you are. Here’s a partial list of the specialized services we provide the transportation industry:

  • Accounting for meals, penalties, traffic citations, and prepaid expenses
  • Common missed deductions for owner-operators
  • Deductions for tires
  • Capitalizing tires for the books
  • Cost-and-benefit analysis of buying vs. leasing
  • Finding the right level of credit risk and debt
  • Helping break down common barriers to financing
  • Helping you choose the right business structure
  • Tax strategies to maximize and preserve income
  • Protecting your business assets
  • Helping prepare for financial downturns
  • Helping determine your life and disability insurance needs
  • Clarification of federal, state, and local laws
  • Financial considerations of the independent trucker vs. using a freight broker

Denman & Company has been serving the transportation industry since 1975. Our understanding of your unique circumstances complements our extensive experience in accounting and consulting to make us the right partner for you. Let’s get started today: Call 515.225.8400 to talk to one of our team members.