Denman & Company is committed to employee benefit plan audits, which are required by the Department of Labor (DOL) for all plans with 100 or more eligible participants: defined-benefit pension plans, defined contribution plans (e.g. 401(k) and 403(b))s, ESOPs, and health and welfare plans.

Employee benefit plans are subject to complex and specialized accounting, financial reporting, tax, and legal requirements. Our audit activities include obtaining an understanding of the plan and its environment, including ERISA, tax and DOL laws and regulations, and the particular plan’s provisions, activities, internal control, and other factors, including fraud, that affect the risk of material misstatements in its financial statements.

Denman & Company demonstrates its commitment to our employee benefit plan audit clients by being an active member in the AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center. This affiliation gives you the assurance that your audit will be done in accordance with the latest requirements of the ERISA and DOL rules and regulations and that all required disclosures will be made.

Specialized services include:

  • Full and limited scope audits of defined contribution (401(k), 403(b), profit-sharing, ESOP) and defined benefit plans
  • Health and welfare plan audits
  • Preparation or review of Form 5500 filings
  • Consultations regarding plan internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations under ERISA

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