With 60 years of experience in accounting, we’ve seen it all. And occasionally we see things that someone was hoping we wouldn’t.

When you’re dealing with suspected fraud, embezzlement, or other sketchy activity, you can trust Denman & Company to get to the source and begin the recovery process. We also employ a number of preventive measures to help stop fraud before it happens, and we can show you some effective internal controls.

Fraud of any kind hurts your reputation and your bottom line. What’s worse, it can cost you a considerable amount of money before being detected. Let the Denman team of forensic accounting professionals go to work on your behalf. In cases that go to trial, the burden of proof is on the investigator, so the Denman team will work to build an airtight case and give you peace of mind.

Some of the services we provide are:

Insurance Industry

  • Claim Settlements for business income losses from a covered loss to third-party claims, subrogation and inflated claims.
  • Fraud investigations caused by employee dishonesty, theft, outside frauds and financial motivation.
  • Inventory Loss Calculations to ensure proper valuation of manufactured or purchased inventory.
  • Loss of Earnings Determinations for individuals resulting from accidents, workers compensation and wrongful acts.

Legal Profession

  • Client Defenses ranging from financial analysis to critiquing opposing expert’s reports.
  • Fraud in all forms, including corporate fraud and illegal acts.
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings to ensure proper accounting for activities and evaluation of tax issues.
  • Department of Labor Litigation investigations and expert witness testimony.
  • Shareholder Disagreements involving detail analysis to quantify disagreement.
  • Expert Witness able to communicate the results of our work with judges, juries and the insured.
  • Matrimonial Disputes tracing, locating and evaluating assets.
  • Accountants’ Malpractice approached from technical and loss quantification.