How much is your business really worth?

You might have an answer off the top of your head. You might remember that a similar business sold for a certain amount last year. But until you have a complete business valuation performed by experienced professionals, your company’s true worth is anybody’s guess.

Denman & Company knows where to look for, and how to find, the real value of your company. There’s an art to it—it’s not just a matter of plugging in numbers. We’ll take a close look at your operation, examine your financial history, talk to your customers, study the industry, research the state of the market, and ultimately provide an objective, accurate valuation.

The Denman team will provide an answer you can trust. And not only you, but investors, partners, banks, courts, potential owners, and everyone else who needs to answer the question: “How much is this business really worth?”

Typical scenarios that require a business valuation:

  • Mergers
  • Selling the company
  • ESOP funding
  • Litigation
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • Gifting