For companies of all sizes, an audit is an essential means of communicating your financial condition to investors and other interested parties. At Denman & Company, our approach to audits is painstakingly thorough but thoroughly painless as we work to assure you, your customers, your creditors, and your shareholders that your financial statements are absolutely accurate.

Beyond what an audit means to outside observers, it presents a picture of the company that’s invaluable to you and your future decision-making. An audit might reveal problem areas and inefficiencies, and it might confirm that you’re heading in the right direction. And because an audit is inherently objective, you can trust the results to help you plan for the next fiscal year.

A typical audit by the Denman team will generally involve a complete examination of financial statements, plus correspondence with vendors, bankers, customers and any other entities you deal with on a day-to-day basis. We’ll review, we’ll test, we’ll inspect, we’ll observe—and in the end we’ll provide the assurance that your company is living up to its claims.